More…more….more…that’s how we like it!

Did you watch our Facebook live video on Sunday? You missed out on our brilliant and very exciting changes!

The truth is out! Our ghost hunts will return to a 2 am finish (unless stated otherwise) and we will be looking at some of them being all nighters! Yes, all nighters!!

But if you are not up for a 2 am finish, never fear! the 1-2am slot is dedicated to a new session we call the ‘free session’. That’s a session where you can go back to your most haunted area and continue to investigate and for those who fancy the 1 am finish you have the option to leave then.

But oh wait, we have more! you may have also heard that we are going to launch a membership scheme but more about that in time!

It’s an exciting time for Supernatural Tours and Events so jump on in and get involved!

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