Ghost Hunting- What to look for!

The following article contains the views and opinions of the writer and do not represent those of Supernatural Tours and Events and our brands

The paranormal field is a fascinating industry with plenty of events satisfy anyone from the newbies to the most experienced and everyone in between.

It’s fair to say that there are a few companies like us around. But how do you know where to and who to go with? Firstly, I hope you choose us here at Supernatural Tours and Events.

We have a great reputation for our passion for what we do, our family atmosphere and range of interactive events. But let me help you with more tips!

Firstly, you need to go with someone who has a good reputation and is fair price wise. Yes we do charge for events but we keep prices competitive and, any good paranormal group or company should be charging, but why?

Firstly, the venue cost. Every business has running costs and that includes the venues you use. Most of the venues we use are historic and so rely on companies like us to do events and help to raise money, That’s why we do it. But remember, these costs differ dependent on the venue.

It is a legal requirement for any company running events to have public liability insurance. That is still a requirement for ‘non profit paranormal groups’ Unfortunately, many groups don’t have this.

They should also be registered with companies house, the inland revenue and accountant. Regardless if you are taking £5 from members or £30 from the public money is still passing hands and legally you are providing a service.

We also hear of companies/groups hiring venues and then cancelling last minute. Again, we work hard with our venues and work very closely with them.

So how do we differ? Truth is, we have always believed on doing things right. We are registered, we do everything legally correct and so we should!

During the boom of ‘Most Haunted’ the paranormal field was full of groups and companies who saw it as a quick way to make money. Many of those disappear quickly, a trend that has not gone away. It is a business and like all businesses they take hard work and dedication.

Our team have all worked in the paranormal research field for many years learning the industry. They have worked in countries including Australia and America and in TV and Radio.

Our teams passion and love for the paranormal and our company is why we are one of only two companies in this area that have lasted the test of time. We often have customers who come back and choose us over other companies because they love how well we do things, Thats a testament to us.

Likewise, we have seen people come to us and try to go off and run their own group but sadly, they havent worked out because they soon realise that the paranormal isn’t an easy income at all!

We hear of companies who fake events on ghost hunts to try and profit. Something that will never happen on ours!

So, in summary, make sure you know who you are booking with. It goes without saying that I have been and always will be grateful for the support and dedication from customers, clients and our team.

We ensure all of our events are professionally run and that everyone feels included and has the best experience.

We’ve been here nearly 15 years and we hope to continue to grow and that’s with your support, so choose Supernatural Tours and Events.

Article written by Andrew Frewing-House. All views and opinions are that of the writer and do not represent Supernatural Tours and Events.

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