New Forest Ghouls uncovered on our Ghost Tour

The Ghouls of the New Forest will be uncovered on our theatrical New Forest Ghost Tour which makes it’s epic return on Saturday June 15th 2019.

It’s been two years since we launched the New Forest Tour and it has gone from strength to strength becoming a must see attraction within the Forest.

The tour kicks off from Bolton’s Bench which in Lyndhurst. Anyone who knows the area knows that this iconic hill has a war monument where the tour begins.

The tour features many of the Forests spookiest stories including Sir Arthur Philip, The Snake Catcher Brusher Mills and we throw in some mysterious folklore stories too!

So if you fancy doing something different, come along tomorrow night and see the tour for yourselves! Cost just £7pp and tickets are available on our website.

Remember, our ghost tours are unique because we include live actors playing the part of real historical residents who are all linked to chilling accounts in the area.

Sir Arthur Philip features on the tour and many wouldn’t know about his association with the Forest. As a former resident, Philips traveled the world and ended up becoming the first Governor of New South Wales, Australia.

There is still a statue of him in Sydney today and many places in the area are named after him.

Find out more about him and many other spooks on the New Forest Ghost Tour!

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