IOW paranormal delights!

The Isle of Wight has a reputation when it comes to haunted places! In fact, it has been dubbed ‘Ghost Island’.

But what makes the island so haunted? Since separating from the main land around 10,000 years ago the island has since so much history.

Last week we headed across the Solent to the Island and checked out some of its haunted venue and to help us, we attended the Isle of Wight Ghost Walk Experience not once…..but twice!

We learnt so much! Ventnor Botanic Gardens was our first stop. At first, my thought was, how can a Botanic Garden be haunted? Ah, you see, it was once home to a large hospital for those with TB,

Whilst plenty died, those who survived were made to work in the gardens whilst recovering. There’s also the addition of a very spooky tunnel! The hospital is now the site of the Botanic Garden Car park.

But hold up! There’s so much more! How about Carisbrook castle where people have come across the spirit of King Charles I who was imprisoned here. He tried to explain twice and failed, once getting caught in the bars!

Hes not alone! How about Princess Beatrice, the youngest daughter of Queen Victoria who made this castle her home. Her spirit is also seen here.

But lets face it, you cant mention IOW without is most well known building. The holiday home of one Queen Victoria and the very place she died. So I guess that explains why people have seen her apparition.

These are just a few of the haunts that inhabit the Island but you can view videos on our Youtube page!

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