Did Battery no.2 provide paranormal activity?

Battery no.2 may not be the biggest venue but it packs a good punch when it comes to paranormal activity.

Last night we descended into the Battery which houses the Diving Museum on Stokes Bay, Gosport

The activity left many astounded. Splitting off into groups you would normally expect different results but not in this case! Without communicating and with no historical talk at the start, the results came thick and fast and each group appeared to get the same!

Three groups all got remarkable information from ‘spirits’ in the middle section. 12 ghosts who all died in a mine incident in Southampton waters who described being bombed and killed during the Second World War in 1945. So descriptive we got each of their names and very specific information about the incident.

They also gave a boat name simply known as ’89’. This could be possible as many vessels in the war area were named this way to hide the real identity.

Several people from different groups also said they witnessed a lady dressed in white walking in the same corridor, but we were unable to find out more.

There was also the spirit of a man called James who came forward and in the main museum played all sorts of tricks during the table tipping experiment where the table continued to move and for some strange reason like to stay raised in the air on one side.

Research by Colleen afterwards revealed a striking story about a Diver called James whose story appeared to match the information gained from the table experiment.

There was so much activity that we need to research and we will keep you informed of our findings!

A huge thank you to the Diving Museum, our customers and team for a great evening!

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