Don’t miss our Portsmouth Ghost Tour Tuesday August 6th

Summer has arrived, August has arrived and this Tuesday our Old Portsmouth Ghost Tour will arrive and here are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t miss out!

Well if you love a free scares then you will enjoy this theatrical tour which includes live actors playing the part of real people. Take the Duke of Buckingham for example!

‘It’s fascinating playing the Duke of Buckingham. He was unpopular, made poor choices but the he was in and popular with the King’ says Andrew Frewing-House who plays the Duke on the tours.

Andrew has spent many nights doing paranormal investigations in some of the buildings included on the tour.

Equally as scary is the Nun player by Janis Carter who always shows immense passion when she plays her part, but you will have to wait and see when you come to the tour.

The tour begins inside The Dolphin which is Portsmouth oldest pub and also home to some ghosts!

The tour costs just £7 per person suitable for the family and you can bring well behaved Dogs too!

Tickets are available now!

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