Enter the haunted world of Kelvedon Hatch Bunker!

This Saturday we head back to Essex and the underworld of yesterday when we host a ghost hunt at the Secret nuclear bunker.

This hidden world takes you back to a time when the Cold War had broken out. The bunker was the place where politicians would go if the risk arrived in Britain.

Despite its fairly modern history, don’t be fooled, the land the bunker was built on goes back many years and hides plenty of secrets.

Over the years many visitors claimed to have encountered unexplained activity. But who haunts it and what’s it like to be in a building with no natural light and covered in darkness.

Strange footsteps, odd murmurs, voices from nowhere and figures from out of the blue have all been reported here.

In fact, it has had so much activity it has attracted media from around the world!

We will be trying a range of interactive experiments and pushing it to the limit this Saturday when we host this mysterious event.

Tickets are still available via our website.

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