The Ghosts of Windsor and Eton

Our most recent ghost tour launched in Windsor a year ago and what a fantastic year its been with so many people coming along to enjoy the dark side of the town.

But what is about Windsor that makes the tour so popular? We wont give you any spoilers here and we always say that going along is the best way to experience the magic for yourselves but for many, its the mystery, the scares and the chance to learn about Windsors rich history in a thrilling interactive way.

There is also the beauty of Windsor castle which is home to several ghosts including famous former Monarchs, prisoners and so much more. Visitors regularly report strange phenomena.

But its not just ghosts stories that have us intrigued. One tale provides an insight into a man who became known simply as the ‘Windsor Vampire’ .

Benjamin Spong was a strange individual who allegedly liked to eat heads off of animals, in particular, cats.

He was also nicknamed the ‘Woodside monster’ but despite his legend, there appears to be very little records of him anywhere.

One other strange story evolves around Author George Orwell who apparently dabbled in Witchcraft. Orwell went on to write the Novel 1984 which first created the term ‘Big Brother is watching you’ and was the inspiration behind the TV phenomenon Big Brother.

There so much more to Windsor and Eton than you perhaps know! Find out all the latest on our Windsor Ghost Tour by joining the like page:

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