Portsmouth Fright Fest this December

Be prepared to get in the ‘spirit’ (did you see what we did there!) this December when Portsmouth Fright Fest comes to Fort Purbrook and Fort Widley!

The two Forts are well known for their amount of paranormal phenomena including ghosts of dark entities following you, domineering spirits with lanterns, uneasy feelings, strange unexplained footsteps and so much more!

And if thats not enough, how about this! Several years ago we even caught the sounds of an unknown voice saying ‘get out’ followed by a lady singing all during an EVP experiment….but no one was there. That clip is on our our Soundcloud page.

It is also worth noting that we have run many events at both forts, especially Widley which have provided some fascinating results.

This December Purbrook takes place on Friday December 13th, unlucky for some but hopefully lucky for us! Then we head to Fort Widley just one day later for our final ghost hunt of 2019…..i know! where has that year gone!?!

But our final two ghost hunts of 2019 will go out with a bang as we introduce yet another scare filled event of daring experiments like you have never seen before but for now we will keep you suspense…..keep watching those like pages!

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