Are you afraid of the dark? Stories around a camp fire

2020 will bring a range of new exciting events from Supernatural Tours and Events and this August we launch ‘Are you afraid of the dark?’

The event will take place at Sandy Balls Forest and will be an evening of scary ghost stories around a camp fire!

Featuring live actors and blood curdling stories this event will be a family friendly event on August 22nd 2020.

You don’t need to be a guest of Sandy Balls to attend. Tickets will be available to the general public too.

Supernatural Tours and Events have teamed up with Sandy Balls for a series of events in 2020 including ghost tours and more.

Children of the 90’s may recognise the name of this event which is based on the hit TV show which sees a group telling scary stories around a camp fire.

Stay tuned because we have more exciting events to announce over the next few days.

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