All you need to know about the Supernatural Debate Event this January

It’s taken us a while to bring it back….and now we are just days away from the return of the Supernatural Debate Evenings and it returns to its original home! The Dolphin Old Portsmouth!

Those of you who remember the original format may remember that we first launched the event back in the summer of 2008 and it became a popular event with many regular attendees.

The aim of the evenings is for like minded people to come along and debate different subjects of the paranormal and this time around we intend to keep it the same….with a couple of new features!

Yes, we are going to bring it live online via our like page, bring you exclusives and so much more!

The format we largely remain the same with Andrew Frewing-House hosting the events and the evening lead by a panel of enthusiasts which change each month,

Anyone can come along and we encourage you to take part in the debate. All you need to do is buy drinks at the bar

On the 14th of January we will be debating ‘the existence of ghosts’ are they real? Does the equipment used by ghost hunters really help with research?

Stay tuned…over the next week we will reveal who will be a part of the esteemed panel!

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