Possession….can it really happen?

It’s a topic that sparks many debates in the paranormal and this week we are set to open the debate at our Supernatural Debate Evening… but before we do, let’s fill you in on the controversial subject of possession.

It really depends on your beliefs as to what possession actually means. In the paranormal world we often refer to it as demonic or spirit possession but in a nutshell its when another entity takes over the human body.

There have been some notable accounts over the years with one of the most famous being the Enfield poltergeist where the voice of a spirit was alleged to use one of the girls to talk.

In the paranormal, some mediums claim to have the ability to bring through the spirits of the dead to use their body and whilst there has been some fantastic accounts we have to remember that we still dont understand why this happens.

It is really a ghost or is it some form of energy or perhaps its some element of the mind that we do not yet understand, Either way, we all have our own beliefs.

The Catholic Church is just one of many faiths who have their own belief in possession which they believe it caused by either an Angel but in most cases a Demon.

After rigorous assessments if no answer is found, they will use a ‘qualified’ Priest to try and rid the person of the Demon but this process mainly involves the use of religious items such as Bibles or a Crucifix.

So, what you do you believe, find out this Tuesday at the Debate Evening in Portsmouth!

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