Netley Chapel Ghost Hunt- The results

Standing tall in the grounds of Royal Victoria Country Park stands Netley Chapel, once part of one of the largest military hospitals in Europe, Netley Hospital.

The construction of the hospital was at the suggestion of Queen Victoria and she became a regular visitor to the hospital. However, the hospital was critised by many including Florence Nightingale

The hospital was large and grand and consisted of 138 wards It was used in the Crimean war and and Second Boer War. However, it was often remarked that the ventilation at the hospital was poor and so were the conditions!

During the first world war a large hut was erected on the ground to facilitate for more wounded soldiers. It was manned by volunteers from the Red cross and treated around 50,000 patients.

There were similar uses during the second world war including French Soldiers who were treated from Dunkirk.

The hospitals use declined following that and was used as a training ground by the military before being demolished.

On Saturday night we hosted a a ghost hunt in the chapel building which is now a museum. With stories of Nurses who committed suicide, soldiers who passed away surely this place must be a hub for paranormal activity.

Back in 2011, we had a whole host of activity, but this time around, things were a little more quiet. There were a few reports of people being touched, odd results with dowsing road and movement from glass divination but despite an amazing evening, it wasnt to be for activity

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