Scary, theatrical, fun….find out all about our ghost tours

Around the world people continue to be attracted to the supernatural and the chances are that which city you go to in the UK, there’s probably a ghost tour company. But what is it we love about these events?

Yes, they contain captivating ghost stories and perhaps a little bit of history but here at Supernatural Tours and Events we do things differently!

Since our theatrical styled tours launched in 2012, they have continued to go from strength to strength. At current, we operate ghost tours in Southampton, Winchester, The New Forest, Windsor and Portsmouth.

But our delivery is very different because we use actors who play different characters on each tour. In fact, they are based on real people and oh yeh, we throw in a few scares too!

You’ll no doubt notice parts of the city or area you perhaps have never seen and in Southampton you get the bonus of some of the city’s medieval vaults.

The tours are family friendly, entertaining and you’ll even learn something new…….that’s if you are brave enough!

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