Supernatural Live! returns..

Our mission to entertain the nation continues! This Friday we will be hosting our next Supernatural Live! session on Facebook and we would like to to join us from the comfort from your home!

yes, whilst the nation is on partial lockdown we know its the right decision but we also know that your well-being is important to. Andrew and James will be hosting this show on Facebook live on Friday March 27th at 9.30pm.

They will be hosting together but from their own homes and talking all about science or psychic? What are your beliefs in the paranormal?

We would love you to jump online and join in and share your views. This is also a fantastic opportunity for us all network together, stay in contact and have some fun!

Supernatural Live! first aired last Friday and will continue to air in a locked down format regularly! Stay on our like page for more information and how you can get involved!

Let’s do this together!

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