Events update….

Its been several months since the Covid 19 put a hold to our events. But as the country starts to open up from July, we have made the decision to postpone our events. But why?

Our top priority is always going to be our customers, clients and team. Whilst the threat of the virus continues to spread across the world it would not be safe enough to host events at the moment. There are a lot of things to consider.

Ghost Tours would be easier to restart due to the nature that they are hosted outside but it would be very hard for us to ensure social distancing throughout the event.

Our biggest challenge would be ghost hunts. Whilst we are aware that some companies have made the decision to continue ghost hunts in July, we feel that this is simply not safe and although like many businesses we havent had an income, health and wellbeing must always come first.

Adhering to Government guidelines is important. It is still recommended that social distancing is 2 metres but 1+ if it cant be. Both of these options rule out most experiments such as seances, glass divination.

The equipment would have to be sanitised after each physical contact, but so would all door handles, tables, seats, taps, cups, kettles….actually everything! In the dark or limited light this poses an issue because you can not be sure what anyone has leant against, touched or used.

Ghost hunts also use different venues which the company would have to publish a risk assessment to each customer for each venue. This could become tricky.

The next issue would be if someone was to spread coronavirus on the event and that the legal law is still very limited on numbers on events. There is so much to consider.

This why we feel that it is still too early for any ghost hunting events to start back up. Of course, when its times we will bring our events back.

Thank you to everyone for their support and please, as much as we all love ghost hunting give it time.

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