Why are ghosts always seen in the dark?

It’s the one question that everyone asks ‘why do ghosts only come out at night?’ But you may be surprised to discover that actually isn’t the case at all.

In fact, staggering 70% or so of ghost sightings actually take place during the day, so why do we always associate ghosts with the dark or night?

The most obvious answer is that its scarier. Let’s be honest, if you watched a scary movie with ghosts in the day time it just doesn’t have the same effect. You have less awareness of whats around you in the dark, you can see less than the list goes on.

It’s also worth noting that some people are scared of the dark. In the dark we have to rely on other senses which means that our senses increase which means we notice more. Some ghost sightings can also be put down to sleep paralysis and most of us experience this overnight when we are sleeping.

But with such a high percentage of ghost sightings in the day, why do we do ghost hunts at night. Again, its a public event its the scare factor but from a paranormal point of view there are several reasons.

Ruling out the most obvious reasons which could be confused with something paranormal is the first point. With less traffic and less people around at night it can it can help us rule out any experiences being put down to that.

The other reason is exactly what we mentioned earlier, your senses are more alert and so you may see or hear more With that being said, you will also notice things that probably happen every day that you dont notice like creaking pipes etc.

There is also the theory that the most active part of the day for activity is between 12am-3am and you have probably noticed that 3am is often featured as frequent time on clocks in movies including The Amityville Horror.

We also cant forget the most obvious reasons, movies feature many of the scariest part at night and that we go looking for ghosts at night!

Now if we think about it logically, we are around more in the day and if you are somewhere like an Abbey looking for ghosts, they had strict routines, much of which was during the day time hours.

So if ghosts really were people, and we believe that they were, then yes they would be around more during day time hours!

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