What makes Southampton SO haunted?

Anyone who knows anything about Southampton will know its been a major part of England rich history. From a world renowned port to the maiden voyage of the Titanic to a stop off point for the Mayflower, it has it all.

When you talk about rich history, you talk about the potential for ghosts. Take Tudor house for example, a massive 800 years of history when you combine it with King Johns Palace.

Tudor House has said many residents and was the home of Sir John Dawtrey, a wealthy merchant whos influence on the house made it what it is today. He was friends with Henry VIII and held plenty of power.

Tudor House is said to be home to several ghosts including the spirit of Dawtrey himself. His ghost has been spotted in different parts of the house. Hes not alone, and this Halloween we will be hosting another ghost hunt at the venue. You can be a part of that by booking your tickets on our website.

How about Netley Abbey, said to be haunted by a monk known as Blind Peter who buried treasure and warned not to locate it. His ghost has been seen at the Netley abbey, even today!

One of the most interesting ghosts is that of a woman on Cobden bridge who claims to be lost and gets in to cars before simply vanishing, or the roman soldier seen at Bitterne Manor.

Southampton is home to several ghosts and this is just the start! Find out more on our award winning Southampton Ghost Tours.


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