Preston Manor performs

It was an evening for the ages, but did Preston Manor live up to the hype? Did it deliver the results we were all hoping for?

Well here at Supernatural Tours and Events we always say that we aren’t here to change your opinion, unless you experience something of course!

So what exactly did go down at Brighton’s most famous haunt? It depends who you ask but lets break it down.

As predicted, the nursery/servants rooms always seem to deliver the best results and its fair to say that on Saturday most who did experience something did so there.

Andrew guided each group through a table tipping experience which didn’t seem to require much energy. Our first encounter kicked of with two strange unexplained noises which could only be described as someone bouncing a ball.

That noise did not happen at all for the rest of the evening and with no rational explanation for it, we all it unexplained.

Several explained feeling rather uneasy and then the table appeared to move in several directions before the movements became more aggressive. After a while of movement we brought out the spirit board, but would that prove useful?

The spirit appeared to communicate with us and informed us his name was Thomas S and that he was a child. From speaking to the staff this could be the spirit of Spirit Thomas Sandford, who did indeed live in the house.

He claimed to be 7 years old and referred to a buried bodied within the grounds. Great start to a great evening.

Group two came to see what they would experience with absolutely no knowledge of what had already happened and strangely, with exception of the bouncing ball, seemed to experience exactly the same thing. Only this time, the metal bath tub appeared to be moving.

Several of the team also heard what couldn’t only be described as a chair moving across the wooden floor from the same direction but no one was there!

So upstairs was pretty good, but did the ground floor deliver. Group 1, well for them, it was pretty good!

An attempt at a divination experiment in the smoking room provided yet more action! Though this time, it was difficult to decipher the messages.

Group two weren’t so lucky! Despite trying medium experiments and dowsing, the results didn’t appear to show.

That leaves us with the basement where this time, group one experienced…nothing! Group two saw some different action including footsteps and banging noises. One team member also experienced being touched by an unknown force.

Over all, an interesting evening! Thanks to everyone who joined us!