Award win for our theatrical events

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded the leading provider of theatrical events and tours-Hampshire and Berkshire at the 2020 Southern Enterprise Awards.

Sponsored by SME news this is an amazing achievement in a turbulent time.

Thank you for everyone’s ongoing support.

Why ghost hunting events shouldn’t return yet!

Throughout the last few months we have been very vocal about ghost hunting events not taking place but why do we think it’s not the right time to return yet?

Whilst some companies and groups have made the decision to resume public ghost hunting events we feel that this is the totally wrong decision and it’s not right for them to return until possibly October.

Yes it’s true all businesses are struggling but ultimately it’s your health that should always come first.

Furthermore in the dark, in sometimes small gaps, damp buildings it is just dangerous to resume public ghost hunts.

In low lighting or no lighting how can you maintain social distancing, cleaning etc. There’s no control and this means you could be putting both you and customers at risk!

The Government decided not to relax measures on August 1st meaning that conferences and indoor events including weddings have been impacted.

These are far safer events than ghost hunting events. Yes, the small groups who do this as hobby could do this if they can maintain regulations.

Furthermore, most insurance companies are not happy with ghost hunts returning and may not even cover them. Pandemics often come under ‘acts of god’ so your reputations, your company and you are at risk.

In summary, there will hopefully be a time when ghost hunts may return but it’s not now! So any company planning to do them in August and September should really consider. Keep you and your customers safe!

We rely on use of different venues so how can we ensure they are ‘covid approved’. Have you implemented a transparent policy and plan?

Whilst this may just be our opinion I think the majority of reputable companies won’t be hosting such event any time soon.

For those who are, if you think of buying tickets please think about the points above.