Supernatural Takeover Press Release

Supernatural Tours and Events are excited to announce our new paranormal convention event, Supernatural Takeover taking place from 26th-28th February 2021.

The weekend will include a range of workshops, demonstrations, talks and free events including special guests and competitions.

Workshops already include Tarot with Kate May, So you want to be a ghost hunter with renowned paranormal experts Andrew Frewing-House and James Kemp, A Mediumship workshop, a workshop on supernatural history and science, witchcraft and so much more.

Each day we will be hosting a free live show on our Facebook like page featuring interview with experts, competitions and so much more.

The event aims to bring the paranormal community to together through the power of networking and to provide a learning experience in a fun and interactive environment.

The event will cover all areas of the supernatural including ghosts, UFOlogy, Mediumship, ESP, Witchcraft, Mediumship and so much more.

Supernatural Tours and Events are an award-winning events company. We run a range of thrill-seeking events including theatrical ghost tours in Southampton, Winchester, Windsor and Portsmouth, murder mysteries, theatrical tours, real ghost hunts, dining events and many more.

‘We are extremely excited to be bringing this fantastic event online. Like many businesses, Supernatural Tours and Events have been unable to operate throughout the pandemic and we hope this event will create networking opportunities and raise awareness of our events’- Andrew Frewing-House, Supernatural Tours and Events Co-Director.

For more information and to book tickets go to

Online convention announced!

Supernatural Tours and Events are excited to announce special two day paranormal themed convention taking place at the end of February.

The convention will include a range of workshops, talks, demonstrations and more covering all aspects of the paranormal.

Events include workshops on mediumship, contacting spirits, parapsychology and so much more.

All of the events will take place online and tickets will be able to be booked in advance. Full details coming soon.

If you are interested in running an event as part of the convention email