Supernatural Takeover set for this weekend!

This weekend is set to be a huge event in or calendar with our second Supernatural Takeover, a weekend full of exciting supernatural themed online talks and workshops and there is something for everyone!

Our first Takeover event took place earlier this year and it was a huge success and its back this weekend with talks on ghosts of Winchester and Portsmouth and workshops on enhancing your mediumship skills and ghost hunting skills. Truly recommended for those wanting to take their next step in the ghost hunting field.

If you fancy something a little different Lyn Thurman returns with her workshop on the history of Witchcraft and we have a workshop on all things spiritual with Justine Markley.

We also have a workshop hosted by Professor Christopher French who has appeared on numerous TV shows and has a wealth of knowledge and Beth Darlington will host a workshop of the possible explanations for Demonic possession.

We also go worldwide with a talk from Bart De Wit, the host of Amsterdam Ghost Tours and Anne and Renata return for a special live show all the way from Australia.

Throughout the weekend we will have special live shows on Facebook kicking off on Friday 7th…but you’ll have to tune in to find out more about that!

Tickets for all the events are available on our website at

Why are ghosts always seen in the dark?

It’s the one question that everyone asks ‘why do ghosts only come out at night?’ But you may be surprised to discover that actually isn’t the case at all.

In fact, staggering 70% or so of ghost sightings actually take place during the day, so why do we always associate ghosts with the dark or night?

The most obvious answer is that its scarier. Let’s be honest, if you watched a scary movie with ghosts in the day time it just doesn’t have the same effect. You have less awareness of whats around you in the dark, you can see less than the list goes on.

It’s also worth noting that some people are scared of the dark. In the dark we have to rely on other senses which means that our senses increase which means we notice more. Some ghost sightings can also be put down to sleep paralysis and most of us experience this overnight when we are sleeping.

But with such a high percentage of ghost sightings in the day, why do we do ghost hunts at night. Again, its a public event its the scare factor but from a paranormal point of view there are several reasons.

Ruling out the most obvious reasons which could be confused with something paranormal is the first point. With less traffic and less people around at night it can it can help us rule out any experiences being put down to that.

The other reason is exactly what we mentioned earlier, your senses are more alert and so you may see or hear more With that being said, you will also notice things that probably happen every day that you dont notice like creaking pipes etc.

There is also the theory that the most active part of the day for activity is between 12am-3am and you have probably noticed that 3am is often featured as frequent time on clocks in movies including The Amityville Horror.

We also cant forget the most obvious reasons, movies feature many of the scariest part at night and that we go looking for ghosts at night!

Now if we think about it logically, we are around more in the day and if you are somewhere like an Abbey looking for ghosts, they had strict routines, much of which was during the day time hours.

So if ghosts really were people, and we believe that they were, then yes they would be around more during day time hours!

Events update

The start of 2021 has been a challenging year for everyone and with a roadmap now implemented by the Government we wanted to update you on the return of our events.

Since the pandemic began, our priority has always been keeping our customers and staff safe and whilst many maybe rushing to return their events, our promise to put you first remains.

In light of the Governments roadmap can announce that we will start to bring back events from July 27th.

This event will be our Portsmouth Ghost Tour. From there we will slowly bring back events unless there is a change in the Governments guidance.

Tickets for these events will be available shortly and we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who have continued to support us.

Whilst face to face events may not return until July, we will be running online events including another Supernatural Takeover to be announced soon.

Supernatural Takeover Press Release

Supernatural Tours and Events are excited to announce our new paranormal convention event, Supernatural Takeover taking place from 26th-28th February 2021.

The weekend will include a range of workshops, demonstrations, talks and free events including special guests and competitions.

Workshops already include Tarot with Kate May, So you want to be a ghost hunter with renowned paranormal experts Andrew Frewing-House and James Kemp, A Mediumship workshop, a workshop on supernatural history and science, witchcraft and so much more.

Each day we will be hosting a free live show on our Facebook like page featuring interview with experts, competitions and so much more.

The event aims to bring the paranormal community to together through the power of networking and to provide a learning experience in a fun and interactive environment.

The event will cover all areas of the supernatural including ghosts, UFOlogy, Mediumship, ESP, Witchcraft, Mediumship and so much more.

Supernatural Tours and Events are an award-winning events company. We run a range of thrill-seeking events including theatrical ghost tours in Southampton, Winchester, Windsor and Portsmouth, murder mysteries, theatrical tours, real ghost hunts, dining events and many more.

‘We are extremely excited to be bringing this fantastic event online. Like many businesses, Supernatural Tours and Events have been unable to operate throughout the pandemic and we hope this event will create networking opportunities and raise awareness of our events’- Andrew Frewing-House, Supernatural Tours and Events Co-Director.

For more information and to book tickets go to

Online convention announced!

Supernatural Tours and Events are excited to announce special two day paranormal themed convention taking place at the end of February.

The convention will include a range of workshops, talks, demonstrations and more covering all aspects of the paranormal.

Events include workshops on mediumship, contacting spirits, parapsychology and so much more.

All of the events will take place online and tickets will be able to be booked in advance. Full details coming soon.

If you are interested in running an event as part of the convention email

2021 is coming…

2021 is coming and we sure hope that it’s better than 2020!

It’s been a while since we have been able to do events but we hope that in 2021, we can come back and bring you the entertainment we usually do.

As with this year, it all depends on what happens with Covid restrictions as our promise has been always to keep you safe.

When things improve our tours will be back and we have already announced all new witchcraft, torture and execution tours in Winchester and Windsor.

We will also give you some all new Murder mystery events and three of our ghost tours have moved from 2020 to 2021 including Battery no.2, Manor Farm and Tudor House.

We will also have more to announce soon but until then, stay safe!

Witchcraft tour to head to Windsor!

After the huge success of both the Southampton Witchcraft, Torture and Execution Tour and the newly announced Winchester one, we felt it was time to bring it to Windsor!

Over the past year the Southampton version of the tour has become a huge hit with tickets selling out in just minutes. Since then, we have had many requests to bring it to Windsor.

2020 has been a turbulent and sad year for all of us and we have all been impacted in some way, so we thought it was time to announce yet more exciting news!

Tickets will be on sale soon!

Announcing all new Witchcraft Tours!

Supernatural Tours and Events are excited to announce a set of all new Witchcraft, Torture and Execution Tours for 2021!

After the huge success of the Southampton version we can announce versions to launch in Winchester, Windsor and the New Forest!

2020 has been a turbulent year for many and we want to come back in 2021 bigger than before.

But beware, tickets to each event will be limited!

Update on our tours

This year continues to be unpredictable as we now move into a tiered system we wanted to update on our tours.

Right from the start of the pandemic we stressed that our priority is always to keep you all safe and that continues. Luckily, we were able to operate some tours over the Halloween period but since then, we have experienced another lock down and now we enter tier 2 for all of our ghost tour areas.

We have consulted government guide lines which state that tours can not take place. This also includes ghost hunts which are also tours.

We will be back in 2021! Stay safe everyone!

Witchcraft Tours- Important Measures

Here are Supernatural Tours and Events, we pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional tour experience. Our Tour on September 19th 2020 will still include our usual scares, entertainment and chilling accounts but at the same time our priority is the health and safety of our customers and team.

In line with Government guidelines we have implemented a number of measures on our tours to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Please read the following measures below:

  1. Arrival– You will need to arrive with your social bubble and check in using the QR code. We recommend bringing your tickets on electronic device only. We have a log of all the names. There will be four numbers on the floor at the meeting point. Please stand by an available number which will all be two metres apart.
  2. Social distancing- Throughout the tour we are asking all social bubbles to remain 2 metres apart and to ensure that spacing is maintained throughout. To help with this, we will have a social distancing marshal with s throughout the tour. Social bubbles must not mix with other social bubbles. Our actors will maintain social distancing at all times.
  3. Track and trace– We will be adhering to track and trace measures. In addition to a QR code to use at the start of the tour, it is vital that named person on the booking attends the tour. They will have provided their phone number and details prior to the event. If these details have changed please contact
  4. Signs and symptoms– Anyone who shows or has been in contact with anyone who has had any of the symptoms of Covid-19 within the last 14 days must not attend the event. If anyone attending the event shows sign and symptoms of Covid-19 up to 28 days after the event must follow Government guidance and contact us at or 07305 826116.
  5. Customer numbers– We have limited customer number to a total of 10 per event. We have informed the Police and Council of the event. Social bubbles are limited to 6 people as per the current ‘rule of six’ measure.
  6. Hands– On arrival to the event you will be required to clean your hands. We will have hand sanitiser available on each number. On departure you will also be required to clean your hands.
  7. Face– Customers are required to wear a mask/face covering unless they are medically exempt.

In addition to the above, you can read our full Covid-19 policy and risk assessment on our website at:

All guests accept the risk of attending the event and agree that Supernatural Tours and Events will not be held liable for anyone who contracts Covid-19 as a result of attending this tour. It is important all customers are aware of the measures and adhere to them to try to keep us all safe.

If you have any queries, please feel free to get in touch if you have any queries.