Southampton Ghost Tours and The Dolphin Mercure Southampton to raise money for charity

Mark February 8th on your calendars because Southampton Ghost Tours is joining forces with The Mercure Dolphin in Southampton to raise money for charity.

We will be running a special ghost tour where the proceeds will go to Breast Cancer Haven, a charity which offers vital emotional, physical and practical support to anyone affected by breast cancer.

Starting inside the Dolphin those raise money will be braving the ghosts of Southampton and delivering a few screams too!

As well as the ghost tour, the event will include nibbles and a drink. This is your chance to help raise money for such as important cause.

You can book tickets on the following link:

Possession….can it really happen?

It’s a topic that sparks many debates in the paranormal and this week we are set to open the debate at our Supernatural Debate Evening… but before we do, let’s fill you in on the controversial subject of possession.

It really depends on your beliefs as to what possession actually means. In the paranormal world we often refer to it as demonic or spirit possession but in a nutshell its when another entity takes over the human body.

There have been some notable accounts over the years with one of the most famous being the Enfield poltergeist where the voice of a spirit was alleged to use one of the girls to talk.

In the paranormal, some mediums claim to have the ability to bring through the spirits of the dead to use their body and whilst there has been some fantastic accounts we have to remember that we still dont understand why this happens.

It is really a ghost or is it some form of energy or perhaps its some element of the mind that we do not yet understand, Either way, we all have our own beliefs.

The Catholic Church is just one of many faiths who have their own belief in possession which they believe it caused by either an Angel but in most cases a Demon.

After rigorous assessments if no answer is found, they will use a ‘qualified’ Priest to try and rid the person of the Demon but this process mainly involves the use of religious items such as Bibles or a Crucifix.

So, what you do you believe, find out this Tuesday at the Debate Evening in Portsmouth!

The Supernatural News returns

Remember the Supernatural News? Well, its returning but with a new exciting twist.

Back in 2016 we launched an interactive online magazine and new site which included articles for many experts in the paranormal field. It was a huge success.

This year we are bringing it back, but as a Podcast! The podcast will be available on platforms including Spotify, Amazon music, Apple podcasts, Google play and many more!

In addition to our regular podcasts with guests we will record a special version from our Debate events!

Stay tuned!

All you need to know about the Supernatural Debate Event this January

It’s taken us a while to bring it back….and now we are just days away from the return of the Supernatural Debate Evenings and it returns to its original home! The Dolphin Old Portsmouth!

Those of you who remember the original format may remember that we first launched the event back in the summer of 2008 and it became a popular event with many regular attendees.

The aim of the evenings is for like minded people to come along and debate different subjects of the paranormal and this time around we intend to keep it the same….with a couple of new features!

Yes, we are going to bring it live online via our like page, bring you exclusives and so much more!

The format we largely remain the same with Andrew Frewing-House hosting the events and the evening lead by a panel of enthusiasts which change each month,

Anyone can come along and we encourage you to take part in the debate. All you need to do is buy drinks at the bar

On the 14th of January we will be debating ‘the existence of ghosts’ are they real? Does the equipment used by ghost hunters really help with research?

Stay tuned…over the next week we will reveal who will be a part of the esteemed panel!

The spirit of Christmas..why do we tell ghost stories at Christmas?

Whilst many of us are preparing for a busy festive period with mince pies, wine and celebrations some of will be telling spooky ghost stories. But where did this strange tradition of ghost stories at Christmas come from?

Believe it or not, the tradition of telling ghost stories stretches further back than the Christmas we know and love today which is largely based on Victorian Britain. Christmas trees and the like came from Albert, the Husband of Queen Victoria who brought the ideas over with him.

But ghost stories at Christmas are much older, but why? Many of us will no doubt know of Scrooges night of ghostly apparitions but hes not the only one to be scared at this time of year.

The idea of ghost stories at Christmas is most likely have originated around religion where some religions celebrate the birth of Christ and ‘new beginnings’ and so stories of those who were lost in the year would have been told.

In fact, ghost stories at Christmas go as far back at 1642. However, their survival to Christmas in modern day is down to the Victorians. Christmas in Britain suffered a huge decline thanks to Oliver Cromwell who banned it.

Interest in the holiday continued to struggle until the Victorians helped re-establish it and if its something Victorians were good at it was ghost stories. They were obsessed with the supernatural and the idea of sitting around the fire telling scary stories was hugely appealing. Especially at Christmas where the family would be together.

Whether ghosts exist or don’t we can certainly confirm that gas lamps in Britain helped push this further. They produced small amounts of carbon monoxide which could cause hallucinations.

The question remains is, do we still tell ghost stories at Christmas. It’s not as big of a tradition as it was, and that’s down to Halloween. Halloween has taken over as the night of all things spooky and many of us now tell stories then.

Windsor success

Our ghost tours for Windsor in 2019 have come to an end and what a year it has been with over 600 guests across 11 tours!

Our tours in Windsor have been featured on radio and in the local newspaper and event has got behind us.

December 7th marked our final Windsor Ghost Tour for 2019 and with around 40 guests the harsh coldness didn’t out off our guests.

The tours have been running for just over a year now and attracted people from around the world and of course, the local area.

So what does 2020 have in store….well we can’t reveal that yet! But it will be bigger and better than ever before.