A revolution is coming….

Supernatural Tours and Events have today announce a new campaign that will launch in May.

The marketing campaign ‘The Supernatural revolution’ marks an exciting time for the company with new fresh events and a new revolutionary format to our ghost hunts.

Our events Director Andrew said in a statement ‘this year marks 13 years of UKPRS and 10 years since we added Supernatural Tours and Events to the company profile. Over the last decade we have hosted a range of top quality award winning events but we want to revolutionise the market’

Stay tuned for more information!

Renowned paranormal investigator passed away

Lorraine and Ed Warren have become well known around the work for their work in the paranormal.

Ed passed away in 2006 but despite that Lorraine continued her work even appearing in and working as a consultant on the 2013 hit The Conjuring.

The pair had investigated many well known cases which have resulted in around 17 films including The Amityville Horror and the Conjuring.

In addition to the cases above, the pair had brief dealings with the Enfield case, one of the UK’s most famous cases.

The pair also set up a museum at their homes showcasing the paranormal and the original ragged doll called Annabelle!

It’s fair to say that their work has been popular.

Winchester Sell Out!

Winchester Ghost Tours continues to take over the city with another sell out tour this month!

43 people attended Aprils tours ready to encounter the spirits of the city on what appeared to be the warmest evening of the year so far.

This time we added a slight twist when we changed the Royal Oak cellar scene….but we cant tell you more than that. We don’t want to ruin the scene!

Winchester Ghost Tours is now in its 7th year! and that’s thanks to your support.

Tickets are now available for our May tour! Log on to our website now!

Southampton Ghost Tours celebrates Award wins

Southampton Ghost Tours team at the So Southampton Star Awards

It was celebrations all around last night with two impressive award wins for Southampton Ghost Tours at the Southampton Star Awards.

Fresh off the win of three semi final awards, the team attended the star studded event aimed at businesses and companies who support tourism within the city.

The awards was hosted by TV presenter Chris Jarvis and attended by big names in the city.

Supernatural Tours and Events are proud to announce that we won two bronze awards for the here 2 there category aimed at tour businesses and Best Event.

This is an amazing achievement for our first ever award entry and we were up against big companies including Bluestar, Southampton Airport and Southampton Boat show so to get these awards shows our commitment to our city!

Supernatural Tours and Events Director stated ‘This really is a huge testament to our hard work and commitment. Considering the huge names we were up against, I am proud to have received these awards. I think we all thought we wouldnt win anything. Thank you everyone for your support and its important to remember that everyone should be networking and working together to showcase what our city has to offer’

Congratulations to our hard working team who will continue to go from strength to strength.

Your chance to win tickets to the Winchester Ghost Tour!

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Supernatural Tours and Events, we are giving away free tickets to Winchester Ghost Tours!

To be in with a chance all you have to do is join the Winchester Ghost Tours like page on Facebook, share the post on your profile and leave a comment on the post stating who you would bring with you and why.

The more likes we get, the more tickets we will give away!

Don’t miss your chance! Head on over to the Winchester Ghost Tours page now at

Are more people in the UK believing in ghosts?

According to latest figures, more and more people are opening up to the existence of ghosts. In fact a third of Britons believe in ghosts and 40% of those believe they have seen a ghost.

28% state they have felt the presence of a ghost and around 9% state they have actively communicated with a spirit! But why are so many of us believing?

A survey by YouGov uncovered that just 23% of people in the UK would consider themselves religious. A big difference to times of the past where religion was a massive part of British culture and a part of daily life. But that trait has continued to decline over recent years as more people turn towards spiritualism or not believing at all.

Maybe its the fact that we like the unknown and the paranormal provides that for us.

Here’s another interesting fact, of those who believe a higher percentage appears to be female. Females are 17% more likely to believe in life after death, 10% more likely to believe in the paranormal and 15% more likely to believe a house is haunted!

The best way to decide for yourself is to come on one of our real ghost hunts. We provide interactive ghost hunts across venues in the UK. So why not give is a try!

One week to go!

The stars will shine next Sunday at the Southampton Star Awards (April 14th 2019) and the results will be in! Whilst our team nervously waits for the announcement like the contestants on American Idol we will celebrate our teams hard work.

Our Southampton Ghost Tours started a few years ago now and included our team in theatrical realistic costumes telling the stories of the city. Our Director Andrew Frewing-House spent many years spending nights in haunted venues across the South which have been featured in the book ‘Haunted Southampton’.

Since then we have joined forces with See Southampton and the tours include the use of some of the cryptic medieval vaults.

Our aim was always to showcase the city’s history in a way that would attract audiences who wouldn’t normally do a tour and each month our tour has sold out and thanks to your amazing support!

Our team do this in the heat of summer, wind, snow, ice, rain and always provide a 1000% One of a very few tours across the UK they operates 12 months of the year!

So, lets help we can do this for you and for our amazing team next Sunday! Stay tuned!

We are looking for amateur acting groups!

2019 continues to be a year of growth for Supernatural Tours and Events with our successful ghost tours, ghost hunts and our new witchcraft and torture tours!

We are on the lookout for new talent! If you are an experienced or new amateur dramatics actor get in touch! We provide an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and new people whilst giving our audience a scare! Email events@supernaturaltours.co.uk