Portsmouth Ghosts uncovered!

This June 11th Portsmouth Ghost Tours returns with another thrilling evening of blood curdling ghost stories, accounts of death, treason and murder!

Starting inside Portsmouth’s oldest pub, The Dolphin our ghostly guides will share some of the most scariest stories in the area.

Whilst coming face to face with our live actors playing the part of Portsmouth’s most notorious ghosts you will also find out about stories including John Felton and the murder of The Duke of Buckingham.

Our tours are fun, interactive and suitable for the family to enjoy!

Southampton sell out!

Last nights tour was a sell out and it’s all down to your support!

Around 40 customers attended last nights Southampton Ghost Tour including customers from the Salvation Army and TEG language school!

And it seems we delivered on our promise to provide a few screams throughout the evening!

Customers came face to face with our ghosts and experienced the historic vaults!

Supernatural Tours and Events have successfully operated Southampton Ghost Tours for 6 years and are so grateful for your support!

Supernatural Tours and Events wins another award

Supernatural Tours and Events are proud to announce that we have another award! We have been awarded the Certificate of Excellence award by TripAdvisor.

TripAdvisor awards this prestigious award to companies on their website who consistently get great reviews.

2019 has been a fantastic year for Supernatural Tours and Events who have already won three semi final awards at the Southampton Star Awards and two Bronze Awards at the Southampton Star Awards finale.

‘This has been a fantastic year for Supernatural Tours and Events who continue to grow through our relationships and the support from our brilliant staff and customers.

We have always strived to be unique in the market and this year will see some exciting new challenged’- Andrew Frewing-House, Events Director

More reasons to choose us!

Its been an incredible 13 years since we started our journey into the industry that is the supernatural! What started off as a small hobby group known as UKPRS quickly grew to expand with Supernatural Tours and Events in 2009, 10 years ago!

Its fair to say that over the years, the interest in the paranormal has grown massively. We started as a ghost hunting company and now we include a whole range of supernatural events within our portfolio.

But we’ve last for many years, one because of you, our customers. One of our other reasons is because our team are a family, passionate and dedicated to our company and giving you a unique experience and the best. We include all of our customers in our team on our ghost hunts and deliver fantastic theatrical events.

The boom of the paranormal has seen plenty of paranormal groups crop up but whilst we have lasted the test of time, the majority of others have come and gone. So what makes us different?

Firstly, our Directors Andrew and James have a brilliant friendships, often confused as brothers the two are extremely committed to the company, its events and you! They’ve worked in the industry for so many years and studied their craft.

You may not also know that we have two married couples in our team and two long standing couples on our team bringing that close family type bond.

Our aim has been and always will be to deliver professional events that you can get involved in! Its not about fame or money, its about the love for what we do!

Our advice to anyone going on these events (other than come with us!!) is to check! Has that company got a good reputation, insurance and are the a registered company (a legal requirement now).

Do they have a knowledgeable team and dedicated team. Running a paranormal company takes hard work and dedication and thats what we do here!

A strange fact to share is that many have come, tried to do their own group from us and it hasnt worked. We believe our team is special because we want you to be a part of journey.

We have some massive plans in store that you will love so come along and enjoy the supernatural journey with Supernatural Tours and Events!

How Southampton’s notorious Ellen Wren changed history!

If you have been on our Southampton Ghost Tour you would have come face to face with the unforgettable Ellen Wren. Her screams are loud enough to wake the dead…including herself.

But, Ellen Wren really was a resident of Southampton and in the Victorian era she was a crook, thief and yes, prostitute. But did she manage to change the course of history?

Wren was born to a poor family in Shirley at spent much of her life in the slums around Simnel street. She was forced into prostitution in a desperate attempt to make money.

Her life continued to spiral and in 1872 a local paper referred to her as an ‘old criminal’ referring to her constant brushes with the law for being drunk and violent.

It was in September 1894 that Wren became so drunk on gin that she suffocated on her own vomit in an attic on Simnel street.

Her body was left decomposing for several days until her landlord find her body when he came to collect the rent. It wasn’t discovered before because the area was so run down the smell was mixed up for dead animals and waste.

Her death grabbed the attention of the nation after it was dubbed ‘horrific’ and this lead to Southampton cleaning up its act and improving the housing.

Find out more about Ellen Wren on our monthly ghost tour!

The Trance joins our line up at Wookey Hole!

Our line up continues to grow for our Ghost Hunt at Wookey Hole on May 18th with ‘The Trance’.

The Trance is a new experiment which aims to communicate spirits like never before. So pull up a chair and get ready for a mix of communication, meditation and medium experiments.

James has run many of these special medium experiments in the past and is excited to be bringing them back due to popular demand. But, you dont need to be a medium to benefit from the experiments. Everyone can take part!

There will also be an exciting remote viewing experiment too. Giving you more to enjoy!

The line up will continue to grow with two more additions to be announced at 8pm on Saturday May 11th!

Meet us in Winchester this Sunday!

Come and meet Andrew and James in the cellar room of the Royal Oak in Winchester this Sunday May 12th from 5pm-8pm at a special networking event.

The aim of the event is to invite local businesses who want to find out how we can work together and invite any budding volunteers to come along meet Andrew and James, ask questions and make links!

So come along this Sunday! Our aim is to work with the community and this will be one of several events in the area.