New Forest Ghost Tours is back!

We are excited to announce the return of New Forest Ghost Tours for 2023! The tour hasnt taken place since 2019….thats before the pandemic and many have you have asked us to bring them back.

Kicking off with one day on March 10th 2023, the tour will return to Lyndhurst where it will begin at its old haunt…we mean starting point at the monument in the car park at the bottom of Boltons Bench.

From there we will do what we do best and provide the scares, the fun and the memories as we share the chilling accounts of ghosts from around the national park, not just Lyndhurst.

You can book tickets on our website now…but remember, they are limited.

So what can you expect from the tour?

You’ll encounter some of the ghosts (played by live actors) along the way including Sir Arthur Phillips who’s journey took him from the forest half way around the globe to Australia!

One man who became known as the snake catcher will feature on the tour and a ghostly landlord of a pub….but we can tell you too much! It’ll spoil the scares!

Whilst the tour is based in Lyndhurst, we will cover stories from around the area including Beaulieu, The Angel inn and Burley, famous for its link to witches!

What should you look for when booking on a ghost tour?

Each year millions of us go on ghost tours worldwide. From the UK to Australia, you’ll find at least one tour in many of the popular tourist destinations.

Here in the UK, there are plenty of them. We operate several ourselves, but what should you look for when deciding between competing companies?

Every company offers something different, so we would recommend trying them all. Thats not always possible, so here is our advice.

Here at Supernatural Tours, we run several award-winning tours including Southampton Ghost Tours, Winchester Ghost Tours, Windsor Ghost Tours, Portsmouth Ghost Tours and New Forest Ghost Tours.

The obvious source would be to look at review sites such as TripAdvisor. To a degree these will always be helpful, as long as the reviews are genuine.

I recently attended a ghost tour elsewhere in the world. The reviews were very positive online but when we arrived the tour was nothing like the great reviews it had about it. Most would say that this is probably my opinion as I run ghost tours myself, but many of the audience left complaining.

On the flip side, I have attended several of the tours run by Isle of Ghost Walks, which are well recommended, if you get the chance, check them out. The Ventor Botanical Garden was my favourite!

Some may question why I would go on another company’s tour? I fully support ghost tours by credible company’s and its a great opportunity to network.

Perhaps social media can help. Are there lots of videos, photos that help give an idea of the tour itself.

What you will probably notice is that each competing company in the same area. There’s no reason why company’s cant support each other and encourage customers to attend each other’s. Each tour offers something different.

We are extremely proud of our tours and what we have achieved. When we first launched Winchester Ghost Tours we heavily researched it and worked with a number of different parties who were excited about a ghost tour in Winchester. There had never been one before (despite claims).

New Forest Ghost Tours was also a first and in Southampton, we were the first theatrical ghost tour and the first to use the vaults. There was another company who used to offer non-theatrical ghost tours but they stopped many years ago.

We werent the first in Portsmouth, and we dont pretend otherwise, but our tours are hugely popular and we do throw so much in to keep you entertained.

The message here is not to try and get an upper hand using false claims. Theres space for everyone, as long as you do it right!

The theatrical element certainly gives it a more scary approach. Some companys use actors, some have one guide who does it all. Again, another good reason why to try any ghost tour you encounter.

Our tours are all theatrical and we use dedicated team members who do this because they love it. They are passionate, fun and love providing quality entertainment.

Thats another good thing to watch out for! Do the team look like they are having fun!

You can find out more about upcoming tours on our website at

New events launched in Winchester

Supernatural Tours is excited to announce a new event in association with Winchester City Museum. The events will take place in the museum on October 22nd and will be suitable for the entire family.

‘Winchester Ghost Stories at The Museum’ is a theatrical event with actors sharing some of the haunted stories in the city. Notorious spooks include Dame Alice Lisle and Alfred the Great.

The event is a family friendly event taking place at 1pm, 2.15pm and 3.30pm and each runs for around 35 minutes.

There will also be a ‘Lights out’ version of the tour for those brave enough at 5pm. The tours will be operated by Supernatural Tours who run the award-winning original Winchester Ghost Tour with The Hampshire Culture Trust who run the museum.

What makes Southampton SO haunted?

Anyone who knows anything about Southampton will know its been a major part of England rich history. From a world renowned port to the maiden voyage of the Titanic to a stop off point for the Mayflower, it has it all.

When you talk about rich history, you talk about the potential for ghosts. Take Tudor house for example, a massive 800 years of history when you combine it with King Johns Palace.

Tudor House has said many residents and was the home of Sir John Dawtrey, a wealthy merchant whos influence on the house made it what it is today. He was friends with Henry VIII and held plenty of power.

Tudor House is said to be home to several ghosts including the spirit of Dawtrey himself. His ghost has been spotted in different parts of the house. Hes not alone, and this Halloween we will be hosting another ghost hunt at the venue. You can be a part of that by booking your tickets on our website.

How about Netley Abbey, said to be haunted by a monk known as Blind Peter who buried treasure and warned not to locate it. His ghost has been seen at the Netley abbey, even today!

One of the most interesting ghosts is that of a woman on Cobden bridge who claims to be lost and gets in to cars before simply vanishing, or the roman soldier seen at Bitterne Manor.

Southampton is home to several ghosts and this is just the start! Find out more on our award winning Southampton Ghost Tours.

Being scared has never been so much fun!

Its a fact that many of us enjoy being scared, we enjoy the thrill of not knowing what to expect and we enjoy uncovering the dark side of history.

Over the past 15 years we have continued to provide ghost tours across Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester and Windsor and the attractions have won a number of awards and positive feedback from you. After all, without you we cant do the tours!

Its probably not a stretch to state that most big in most parts of the world have a ghost tour but what makes us different is that its unique. Live actors in an immersive environment which in Southampton includes the Vaults and in Portsmouth includes the historic Spice Island inn.

Our tours really are about showcasing the amazing history that we have in a way that brings out the thrilling stories that we all love….the scary ones!

As we return to the pandemic we encourage you to come along to our tours, even if youve been before because we always change things and enjoy an evening of entertainment that we have all missed out over the last two years.

Enjoy the scares, the thrills and the fun that you enjoyed before and support these amazing events. We are always grateful to everyone for showing their support and joining us on the tours!

Supernatural Takeover set for this weekend!

This weekend is set to be a huge event in or calendar with our second Supernatural Takeover, a weekend full of exciting supernatural themed online talks and workshops and there is something for everyone!

Our first Takeover event took place earlier this year and it was a huge success and its back this weekend with talks on ghosts of Winchester and Portsmouth and workshops on enhancing your mediumship skills and ghost hunting skills. Truly recommended for those wanting to take their next step in the ghost hunting field.

If you fancy something a little different Lyn Thurman returns with her workshop on the history of Witchcraft and we have a workshop on all things spiritual with Justine Markley.

We also have a workshop hosted by Professor Christopher French who has appeared on numerous TV shows and has a wealth of knowledge and Beth Darlington will host a workshop of the possible explanations for Demonic possession.

We also go worldwide with a talk from Bart De Wit, the host of Amsterdam Ghost Tours and Anne and Renata return for a special live show all the way from Australia.

Throughout the weekend we will have special live shows on Facebook kicking off on Friday 7th…but you’ll have to tune in to find out more about that!

Tickets for all the events are available on our website at

Why are ghosts always seen in the dark?

It’s the one question that everyone asks ‘why do ghosts only come out at night?’ But you may be surprised to discover that actually isn’t the case at all.

In fact, staggering 70% or so of ghost sightings actually take place during the day, so why do we always associate ghosts with the dark or night?

The most obvious answer is that its scarier. Let’s be honest, if you watched a scary movie with ghosts in the day time it just doesn’t have the same effect. You have less awareness of whats around you in the dark, you can see less than the list goes on.

It’s also worth noting that some people are scared of the dark. In the dark we have to rely on other senses which means that our senses increase which means we notice more. Some ghost sightings can also be put down to sleep paralysis and most of us experience this overnight when we are sleeping.

But with such a high percentage of ghost sightings in the day, why do we do ghost hunts at night. Again, its a public event its the scare factor but from a paranormal point of view there are several reasons.

Ruling out the most obvious reasons which could be confused with something paranormal is the first point. With less traffic and less people around at night it can it can help us rule out any experiences being put down to that.

The other reason is exactly what we mentioned earlier, your senses are more alert and so you may see or hear more With that being said, you will also notice things that probably happen every day that you dont notice like creaking pipes etc.

There is also the theory that the most active part of the day for activity is between 12am-3am and you have probably noticed that 3am is often featured as frequent time on clocks in movies including The Amityville Horror.

We also cant forget the most obvious reasons, movies feature many of the scariest part at night and that we go looking for ghosts at night!

Now if we think about it logically, we are around more in the day and if you are somewhere like an Abbey looking for ghosts, they had strict routines, much of which was during the day time hours.

So if ghosts really were people, and we believe that they were, then yes they would be around more during day time hours!

Events update

The start of 2021 has been a challenging year for everyone and with a roadmap now implemented by the Government we wanted to update you on the return of our events.

Since the pandemic began, our priority has always been keeping our customers and staff safe and whilst many maybe rushing to return their events, our promise to put you first remains.

In light of the Governments roadmap can announce that we will start to bring back events from July 27th.

This event will be our Portsmouth Ghost Tour. From there we will slowly bring back events unless there is a change in the Governments guidance.

Tickets for these events will be available shortly and we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who have continued to support us.

Whilst face to face events may not return until July, we will be running online events including another Supernatural Takeover to be announced soon.

Supernatural Takeover Press Release

Supernatural Tours and Events are excited to announce our new paranormal convention event, Supernatural Takeover taking place from 26th-28th February 2021.

The weekend will include a range of workshops, demonstrations, talks and free events including special guests and competitions.

Workshops already include Tarot with Kate May, So you want to be a ghost hunter with renowned paranormal experts Andrew Frewing-House and James Kemp, A Mediumship workshop, a workshop on supernatural history and science, witchcraft and so much more.

Each day we will be hosting a free live show on our Facebook like page featuring interview with experts, competitions and so much more.

The event aims to bring the paranormal community to together through the power of networking and to provide a learning experience in a fun and interactive environment.

The event will cover all areas of the supernatural including ghosts, UFOlogy, Mediumship, ESP, Witchcraft, Mediumship and so much more.

Supernatural Tours and Events are an award-winning events company. We run a range of thrill-seeking events including theatrical ghost tours in Southampton, Winchester, Windsor and Portsmouth, murder mysteries, theatrical tours, real ghost hunts, dining events and many more.

‘We are extremely excited to be bringing this fantastic event online. Like many businesses, Supernatural Tours and Events have been unable to operate throughout the pandemic and we hope this event will create networking opportunities and raise awareness of our events’- Andrew Frewing-House, Supernatural Tours and Events Co-Director.

For more information and to book tickets go to