What should you look for when booking on a ghost tour?

Each year millions of us go on ghost tours worldwide. From the UK to Australia, you’ll find at least one tour in many of the popular tourist destinations.

Here in the UK, there are plenty of them. We operate several ourselves, but what should you look for when deciding between competing companies?

Every company offers something different, so we would recommend trying them all. Thats not always possible, so here is our advice.

Here at Supernatural Tours, we run several award-winning tours including Southampton Ghost Tours, Winchester Ghost Tours, Windsor Ghost Tours, Portsmouth Ghost Tours and New Forest Ghost Tours.

The obvious source would be to look at review sites such as TripAdvisor. To a degree these will always be helpful, as long as the reviews are genuine.

I recently attended a ghost tour elsewhere in the world. The reviews were very positive online but when we arrived the tour was nothing like the great reviews it had about it. Most would say that this is probably my opinion as I run ghost tours myself, but many of the audience left complaining.

On the flip side, I have attended several of the tours run by Isle of Ghost Walks, which are well recommended, if you get the chance, check them out. The Ventor Botanical Garden was my favourite!

Some may question why I would go on another company’s tour? I fully support ghost tours by credible company’s and its a great opportunity to network.

Perhaps social media can help. Are there lots of videos, photos that help give an idea of the tour itself.

What you will probably notice is that each competing company in the same area. There’s no reason why company’s cant support each other and encourage customers to attend each other’s. Each tour offers something different.

We are extremely proud of our tours and what we have achieved. When we first launched Winchester Ghost Tours we heavily researched it and worked with a number of different parties who were excited about a ghost tour in Winchester. There had never been one before (despite claims).

New Forest Ghost Tours was also a first and in Southampton, we were the first theatrical ghost tour and the first to use the vaults. There was another company who used to offer non-theatrical ghost tours but they stopped many years ago.

We werent the first in Portsmouth, and we dont pretend otherwise, but our tours are hugely popular and we do throw so much in to keep you entertained.

The message here is not to try and get an upper hand using false claims. Theres space for everyone, as long as you do it right!

The theatrical element certainly gives it a more scary approach. Some companys use actors, some have one guide who does it all. Again, another good reason why to try any ghost tour you encounter.

Our tours are all theatrical and we use dedicated team members who do this because they love it. They are passionate, fun and love providing quality entertainment.

Thats another good thing to watch out for! Do the team look like they are having fun!

You can find out more about upcoming tours on our website at http://www.supernaturaltours.co.uk