Join us at Sandwich Guildhall for a chilling evening of ghost hunting this April!

Fancy spending an evening discover the ghosts of one of Kent’s most haunted places? You can join us at the Sandwich Guildhall Museum this April!

Its our first time at this historic location which was built in 1579 during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. The last monarch of the Tudor dynasty!

As a fan of the Tudor era I am really excited about checking out the ghosts of this 100% real ghost hunt! Who’s ghostly footsteps walk the corridors late at night? Who is the lady donning the long white flowing dress?

Who’s booming voice can be heard….but not explained? These are all questions that I know I would love the answers to each of these questions and a whole lot more.

So if you fancy spending the night with me and the team….checking out ghosts of course, get your tickets to this phenomenal event!