New Forest Ghost Tours is back!

We are excited to announce the return of New Forest Ghost Tours for 2023! The tour hasnt taken place since 2019….thats before the pandemic and many have you have asked us to bring them back.

Kicking off with one day on March 10th 2023, the tour will return to Lyndhurst where it will begin at its old haunt…we mean starting point at the monument in the car park at the bottom of Boltons Bench.

From there we will do what we do best and provide the scares, the fun and the memories as we share the chilling accounts of ghosts from around the national park, not just Lyndhurst.

You can book tickets on our website now…but remember, they are limited.

So what can you expect from the tour?

You’ll encounter some of the ghosts (played by live actors) along the way including Sir Arthur Phillips who’s journey took him from the forest half way around the globe to Australia!

One man who became known as the snake catcher will feature on the tour and a ghostly landlord of a pub….but we can tell you too much! It’ll spoil the scares!

Whilst the tour is based in Lyndhurst, we will cover stories from around the area including Beaulieu, The Angel inn and Burley, famous for its link to witches!