Award wins for Southampton Ghost Tours

Our Directors Andrew and James attending the Southampton Star Awards

A huge congratulations to our Southampton Ghost Tours who won not one….but three awards at the Southampton Star Awards last month,

Our Directors Andrew and James attended the glamorous event where we picked up semi final awards including ‘Here 2 there’ ‘Event/Pop up’ and ‘Leading Star’.

Andrew says ‘This is a huge achievement for all of our hardworking and dedicated team who do the tours in the rain, show, cold of winter and the heat of summer. Also a big thank you to to everyone who has supported us

This tour was created to showcase the amazing history of our city in a way that would attract people from all corners of the globe and those who wouldn’t normally attend a historical tour’

The Southampton Ghost Tour started life 5 years ago. Andrew has investigated many of Southampton’s most haunted building and plays former Tudor House owner Sir John Dawtrey on the tour.

The Southampton Ghost Tours team will attend the huge finals gala this April 14th! Good luck team!

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