Being scared has never been so much fun!

Its a fact that many of us enjoy being scared, we enjoy the thrill of not knowing what to expect and we enjoy uncovering the dark side of history.

Over the past 15 years we have continued to provide ghost tours across Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester and Windsor and the attractions have won a number of awards and positive feedback from you. After all, without you we cant do the tours!

Its probably not a stretch to state that most big in most parts of the world have a ghost tour but what makes us different is that its unique. Live actors in an immersive environment which in Southampton includes the Vaults and in Portsmouth includes the historic Spice Island inn.

Our tours really are about showcasing the amazing history that we have in a way that brings out the thrilling stories that we all love….the scary ones!

As we return to the pandemic we encourage you to come along to our tours, even if youve been before because we always change things and enjoy an evening of entertainment that we have all missed out over the last two years.

Enjoy the scares, the thrills and the fun that you enjoyed before and support these amazing events. We are always grateful to everyone for showing their support and joining us on the tours!

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