September tours to still go ahead

We are excited to announce that our two tours on September 19th will still go ahead as planned.

The rule of six law comes into affect on September 14th for social gatherings and there will be more measures implemented to maintain social distancing and reduce the risk of Covid-19.

Prior to the tours we will email the contact name for the booking with full instructions. They will also receive a colour and time to check into the event.

On arrival each guest will need to stand next to the colour circle with their social bubble. At all times each social bubble must stay no less than 3 metres apart and must not mix with other social bubbles.

Guests will be required to wear face masks unless medically exempt and will be asked to clean hands with sanitiser gel on arrival and departure.

We also recommend bringing some with you.

We have reduced total number to 10 guests per event. The tours take place outside and in all weathers.

We will also be informing local authorities of the events.

The ticket holder must attend the event and must have provided their full name, address, email address and phone number for track and trace purposes.

Full details of our Covid policy can be found on our website.

We are excited to announce that we will be running two theatrical tours on September 19th in Southampton. The Witchcraft tour will kick off the first public tours in six month.

Both tours will be limited to ten people per tour and you must book in advance. There will be a number of other restrictions which include guests being asked to wear masks (unless exempt), hand gel to be used at the start and end and we will be asking guests to bring their own to use regularly.

Guests must maintain a distance of at least 1 metre from other guests at all times too. Our full Covid-19 policy cane be viewed on the ‘About’ section of our website. It also includes a risk assessment and what rules we are implementing.

In addition to this, some of the tour details may be altered to ensure social distancing can be maintained and to to ensure that areas are big enough. This includes changes to our meeting points.

The quality of the tour will remain as good as ever before!

This also means some changes to our Halloween week schedule. The Tudor House Ghost Hunt and the Murder Mystery Event at the Dolphin have both been postponed until 2021.

Instead, we will be operating Ghost Tours in Winchester on October 30th and in Southampton on October 31st. Full restrictions remain in place and will be updated inline with Government and NHS Guidance.

Why ghost hunting events shouldn’t return yet!

Throughout the last few months we have been very vocal about ghost hunting events not taking place but why do we think it’s not the right time to return yet?

Whilst some companies and groups have made the decision to resume public ghost hunting events we feel that this is the totally wrong decision and it’s not right for them to return until possibly October.

Yes it’s true all businesses are struggling but ultimately it’s your health that should always come first.

Furthermore in the dark, in sometimes small gaps, damp buildings it is just dangerous to resume public ghost hunts.

In low lighting or no lighting how can you maintain social distancing, cleaning etc. There’s no control and this means you could be putting both you and customers at risk!

The Government decided not to relax measures on August 1st meaning that conferences and indoor events including weddings have been impacted.

These are far safer events than ghost hunting events. Yes, the small groups who do this as hobby could do this if they can maintain regulations.

Furthermore, most insurance companies are not happy with ghost hunts returning and may not even cover them. Pandemics often come under ‘acts of god’ so your reputations, your company and you are at risk.

In summary, there will hopefully be a time when ghost hunts may return but it’s not now! So any company planning to do them in August and September should really consider. Keep you and your customers safe!

We rely on use of different venues so how can we ensure they are ‘covid approved’. Have you implemented a transparent policy and plan?

Whilst this may just be our opinion I think the majority of reputable companies won’t be hosting such event any time soon.

For those who are, if you think of buying tickets please think about the points above.

Ghost Tour Live! announced

We are excited to announce that we will be running our next virtual tour on Saturday August 29th 2020 at 7pm live!

The location of the ghost tour will remain a secret and we will give you plenty of teasers up until then.

We have also announced that the tour will feature all of our ghost tour actors for the first time five and a half months.

The tour will be free and live on our Like page and YouTube channel and will still feature a few scares, so be prepared!

Like many businesses, we have been deeply impacted by the Coronavirus and although restrictions have eased, we are still unable to operate our events. It is a turbulent time for everyone.

The aim of this tour is to also give a shout out to our GoFundMe campaign which is available on the following link:

We want to thank everyone for your continued support and we hope to see you again soon.

Thank you 🙂

Coronavirus update

Coronavirus continues to impact many businesses and families across the world.

Whilst restrictions continue to ease for many businesses, we sadly do not fit in the criteria to enable us to resume our events.

Whilst we are aware that some companies similar to us have started to resume we know that for ghost hunts in particular, the use of different venues would make it very hard to ensure social distancing.

Keeping our customers, clients and staff is our top priority. At current, our plans are to relaunch tours in September.

We will continue to monitor the situation and continue to update you.

Thanks again for your amazing support.

Virtual tour- have you got your tickets?

On Sunday 19th July 2020, Supernatural Tours and Events will host it’s first ever virtual Southampton Ghost Tour.

Since lockdown began we have been unable to do our ghost tours, the last was Windsor in mid- March.

We want to provide you with entertainment and although lockdown is easing, the relax in rules still means we are unable to do our ghost tours for the time being.

So we are bring the tour to you! You can get tickets to our ghost tour and you will receive a link via zoom to click on when the event is due to go live.

Tickets are just £5pp and available on our website. Please show your support and grab your tickets

Events update….

Its been several months since the Covid 19 put a hold to our events. But as the country starts to open up from July, we have made the decision to postpone our events. But why?

Our top priority is always going to be our customers, clients and team. Whilst the threat of the virus continues to spread across the world it would not be safe enough to host events at the moment. There are a lot of things to consider.

Ghost Tours would be easier to restart due to the nature that they are hosted outside but it would be very hard for us to ensure social distancing throughout the event.

Our biggest challenge would be ghost hunts. Whilst we are aware that some companies have made the decision to continue ghost hunts in July, we feel that this is simply not safe and although like many businesses we havent had an income, health and wellbeing must always come first.

Adhering to Government guidelines is important. It is still recommended that social distancing is 2 metres but 1+ if it cant be. Both of these options rule out most experiments such as seances, glass divination.

The equipment would have to be sanitised after each physical contact, but so would all door handles, tables, seats, taps, cups, kettles….actually everything! In the dark or limited light this poses an issue because you can not be sure what anyone has leant against, touched or used.

Ghost hunts also use different venues which the company would have to publish a risk assessment to each customer for each venue. This could become tricky.

The next issue would be if someone was to spread coronavirus on the event and that the legal law is still very limited on numbers on events. There is so much to consider.

This why we feel that it is still too early for any ghost hunting events to start back up. Of course, when its times we will bring our events back.

Thank you to everyone for their support and please, as much as we all love ghost hunting give it time.