Preston Manor performs

It was an evening for the ages, but did Preston Manor live up to the hype? Did it deliver the results we were all hoping for?

Well here at Supernatural Tours and Events we always say that we aren’t here to change your opinion, unless you experience something of course!

So what exactly did go down at Brighton’s most famous haunt? It depends who you ask but lets break it down.

As predicted, the nursery/servants rooms always seem to deliver the best results and its fair to say that on Saturday most who did experience something did so there.

Andrew guided each group through a table tipping experience which didn’t seem to require much energy. Our first encounter kicked of with two strange unexplained noises which could only be described as someone bouncing a ball.

That noise did not happen at all for the rest of the evening and with no rational explanation for it, we all it unexplained.

Several explained feeling rather uneasy and then the table appeared to move in several directions before the movements became more aggressive. After a while of movement we brought out the spirit board, but would that prove useful?

The spirit appeared to communicate with us and informed us his name was Thomas S and that he was a child. From speaking to the staff this could be the spirit of Spirit Thomas Sandford, who did indeed live in the house.

He claimed to be 7 years old and referred to a buried bodied within the grounds. Great start to a great evening.

Group two came to see what they would experience with absolutely no knowledge of what had already happened and strangely, with exception of the bouncing ball, seemed to experience exactly the same thing. Only this time, the metal bath tub appeared to be moving.

Several of the team also heard what couldn’t only be described as a chair moving across the wooden floor from the same direction but no one was there!

So upstairs was pretty good, but did the ground floor deliver. Group 1, well for them, it was pretty good!

An attempt at a divination experiment in the smoking room provided yet more action! Though this time, it was difficult to decipher the messages.

Group two weren’t so lucky! Despite trying medium experiments and dowsing, the results didn’t appear to show.

That leaves us with the basement where this time, group one experienced…nothing! Group two saw some different action including footsteps and banging noises. One team member also experienced being touched by an unknown force.

Over all, an interesting evening! Thanks to everyone who joined us!

Supernatural Tours and Events wins another award

Supernatural Tours and Events are proud to announce that we have another award! We have been awarded the Certificate of Excellence award by TripAdvisor.

TripAdvisor awards this prestigious award to companies on their website who consistently get great reviews.

2019 has been a fantastic year for Supernatural Tours and Events who have already won three semi final awards at the Southampton Star Awards and two Bronze Awards at the Southampton Star Awards finale.

‘This has been a fantastic year for Supernatural Tours and Events who continue to grow through our relationships and the support from our brilliant staff and customers.

We have always strived to be unique in the market and this year will see some exciting new challenged’- Andrew Frewing-House, Events Director

Meet us in Winchester this Sunday!

Come and meet Andrew and James in the cellar room of the Royal Oak in Winchester this Sunday May 12th from 5pm-8pm at a special networking event.

The aim of the event is to invite local businesses who want to find out how we can work together and invite any budding volunteers to come along meet Andrew and James, ask questions and make links!

So come along this Sunday! Our aim is to work with the community and this will be one of several events in the area.

Seance: Evocation arrives at our Wookey Hole Ghost Hunt

Here at Supernatural Tours and Events our Supernatural Revolution has begun in a shake up of our Ghost Hunts. Yes, we have always strived to provide you with the best in events and long may that continue!

Yesterday, we announced the ‘Ganzfield Challenge’. An experiment pitting you against your nerves. Its a sensory deprivation test where all you can rely on is your feelings and nerves! More about that tomorrow.

Tonight is all about Seance: Evocation but what is it all about? There are several meaning of the word but we’ve narrowed it down to the one we need ‘evoking spirits’.

Yes for the first time, we are ramping up our seances by holding a full seance with a Medium where we attempt to conjure the spirits of the caves… name! This is not your usual seance……but, to find out exactly why, you’ll need to join us!

But rest assured, this is a real seance so lets hope it lives up to its reputation!

Wookey Hole tickets are on sale now! Jump on our website for more information!

Written by Andrew Frewing-House

The Philip Experiment, What was it all about?

So what was the Philip experiment and why was it significant in the paranormal field?

The chances are that you havent heard of it but it took place in 1972 and i was a seance with one aim… ‘create’ a persona known as Philip.

The experiment was set to show that a seance results can be completely fictional. To proof this they plotted out a life story for him. He was born in England in 1624 and was in the military. He was knighted when he was 16. He was part of the civil war and killed himself when he was 30 in 1654.

Whilst ‘Philip’ never existed, some of the events surrounding him was based on real events, such as the Civil war but with errors added in.

The aim of the experiment was to contact ‘Philip’ and get the responses above. First attempts to contact him in a seance failed. This lead to a change in conditions to create a traditional seance.

As time went on, the group managed to get results from ‘Philip’ including answers about his background, vibrations, noises and a table moving on its own! But, Philip never appeared to show himself to the group. Not surprising considering he was fictional!

As with everything in the paranormal there are always two ways to look at it. One argument is that it shows that psychology plays a part in activity, but it doesnt rule out the existence of ghosts!

Joel Whitton, who was overseeing the experiment summed up that Philips activity and responses were due to a subconscious mechanism by the participants whilst others have argued it lacks credibility.

Similar experiments have been run since them but with no results. So what really did happen in the Philip experiment? What do you think?

In true supernatural fashion the experiment has inspired two movies, the Apparition and the Quiet ones!

La Llorona hits the cinema!

It’s the sixth instalment of the Conjuring universe and it’s out in cinemas now. But what’s the truth behind this movie?

La Llorona translates to ‘the weeping woman’ in English and is based on a Mexican legend.

The legend says that a lady called Anna caught her husband cheating and seeked revenge by taking away her husband love..his children!

It’s alleged she drowned their two children but immediately became grief stricken realising what she had done.

Some claim she was killed, others say she drowned herself.

Her ghost is alleged to be seen in Mexico and now all over the world looking for children to kill!

Winchester Sell Out!

Winchester Ghost Tours continues to take over the city with another sell out tour this month!

43 people attended Aprils tours ready to encounter the spirits of the city on what appeared to be the warmest evening of the year so far.

This time we added a slight twist when we changed the Royal Oak cellar scene….but we cant tell you more than that. We don’t want to ruin the scene!

Winchester Ghost Tours is now in its 7th year! and that’s thanks to your support.

Tickets are now available for our May tour! Log on to our website now!