Preston Manor performs

It was an evening for the ages, but did Preston Manor live up to the hype? Did it deliver the results we were all hoping for?

Well here at Supernatural Tours and Events we always say that we aren’t here to change your opinion, unless you experience something of course!

So what exactly did go down at Brighton’s most famous haunt? It depends who you ask but lets break it down.

As predicted, the nursery/servants rooms always seem to deliver the best results and its fair to say that on Saturday most who did experience something did so there.

Andrew guided each group through a table tipping experience which didn’t seem to require much energy. Our first encounter kicked of with two strange unexplained noises which could only be described as someone bouncing a ball.

That noise did not happen at all for the rest of the evening and with no rational explanation for it, we all it unexplained.

Several explained feeling rather uneasy and then the table appeared to move in several directions before the movements became more aggressive. After a while of movement we brought out the spirit board, but would that prove useful?

The spirit appeared to communicate with us and informed us his name was Thomas S and that he was a child. From speaking to the staff this could be the spirit of Spirit Thomas Sandford, who did indeed live in the house.

He claimed to be 7 years old and referred to a buried bodied within the grounds. Great start to a great evening.

Group two came to see what they would experience with absolutely no knowledge of what had already happened and strangely, with exception of the bouncing ball, seemed to experience exactly the same thing. Only this time, the metal bath tub appeared to be moving.

Several of the team also heard what couldn’t only be described as a chair moving across the wooden floor from the same direction but no one was there!

So upstairs was pretty good, but did the ground floor deliver. Group 1, well for them, it was pretty good!

An attempt at a divination experiment in the smoking room provided yet more action! Though this time, it was difficult to decipher the messages.

Group two weren’t so lucky! Despite trying medium experiments and dowsing, the results didn’t appear to show.

That leaves us with the basement where this time, group one experienced…nothing! Group two saw some different action including footsteps and banging noises. One team member also experienced being touched by an unknown force.

Over all, an interesting evening! Thanks to everyone who joined us!

The Trance joins our line up at Wookey Hole!

Our line up continues to grow for our Ghost Hunt at Wookey Hole on May 18th with ‘The Trance’.

The Trance is a new experiment which aims to communicate spirits like never before. So pull up a chair and get ready for a mix of communication, meditation and medium experiments.

James has run many of these special medium experiments in the past and is excited to be bringing them back due to popular demand. But, you dont need to be a medium to benefit from the experiments. Everyone can take part!

There will also be an exciting remote viewing experiment too. Giving you more to enjoy!

The line up will continue to grow with two more additions to be announced at 8pm on Saturday May 11th!

Meet us in Winchester this Sunday!

Come and meet Andrew and James in the cellar room of the Royal Oak in Winchester this Sunday May 12th from 5pm-8pm at a special networking event.

The aim of the event is to invite local businesses who want to find out how we can work together and invite any budding volunteers to come along meet Andrew and James, ask questions and make links!

So come along this Sunday! Our aim is to work with the community and this will be one of several events in the area.

Wookey Hole-Brave enough?

It’s fair to say that we are a little bit excited about our next ghost hunt which is at the world famous Wookey Hole on May 18th. Why the excitement I hear you ask?

The facts speak for itself, atmospheric cave chambers, total darkness, 45,000 of history and stories of witches and ghosts! What’s not to be excited about! Its a true ghost hunters dream!

This time we are pushing the boundaries with new experiments, a free session, mediums and ghost hunting to the extreme! The kind of stuff seen on the conjuring….if the ghosts play ball that is!

We want to see how brave you really are! So if you are brave enough, take on the challenge and get your tickets on our website now.

So whats ‘extreme’ about it. Alright, maybe that could be a step to far but we will have challenging experiments, medium experiments, sensory perception experiments, psychic experiments, solo vigils……and so much more!!!

La Llorona hits the cinema!

It’s the sixth instalment of the Conjuring universe and it’s out in cinemas now. But what’s the truth behind this movie?

La Llorona translates to ‘the weeping woman’ in English and is based on a Mexican legend.

The legend says that a lady called Anna caught her husband cheating and seeked revenge by taking away her husband love..his children!

It’s alleged she drowned their two children but immediately became grief stricken realising what she had done.

Some claim she was killed, others say she drowned herself.

Her ghost is alleged to be seen in Mexico and now all over the world looking for children to kill!

Portsmouth Ghost Tours to start working with The Dolphin Old Portsmouth

Supernatural Tours and Events are excited to announce that our Portsmouth Ghost Tours will start and end inside the Dolphin Pub Old Portsmouth.

The new meeting point will launch on the June 11th tour. Supernatural Tours and Events have had a long relationship with the Dolphin running our Supernatural meeting there and open evenings at the venue in the past.

Supernatural Tours and Events will also be running Murder Mystery events at the Dolphin. The dates are to be announced soon.

A revolution is coming….

Supernatural Tours and Events have today announce a new campaign that will launch in May.

The marketing campaign ‘The Supernatural revolution’ marks an exciting time for the company with new fresh events and a new revolutionary format to our ghost hunts.

Our events Director Andrew said in a statement ‘this year marks 13 years of UKPRS and 10 years since we added Supernatural Tours and Events to the company profile. Over the last decade we have hosted a range of top quality award winning events but we want to revolutionise the market’

Stay tuned for more information!